Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who doesn't like ponies?

Jerry Seinfeld had the right of it..."Who doesn't like ponies?" It's always great fun watching the pony hunters at a horse show. Little kids and adorable ponies, what's not to like? Here's a sketch for the day of two pony hunters and their riders. I love the contrasts between the two.

Two Pony Hunters from the Evergreen Classic


  1. This is English riding style! Yeah, thanks to my wife I could actually tell the difference between English and Western styles... it used to be just horseback riding...hahahaha
    You're so right about the contrasts, I like horses a lot and for some reason I like those Palomino horses. Beautiful drawings!

  2. Right you are Alex! And good for your wife...obviously a knowledgeable horseperson.
    :-) I like Palominos too! (Although my horse is more like the spotted one in the top panel.) Thanks for your sweet comments.