Monday, August 9, 2010

Jack and the Criss-Cross lines

Here's a pen & ink sketch of Debbie Nicely's "Jack," the Jack Russell terrier I met last Saturday. This piece was interesting as I did it as pen & ink & gelly roll (gel pen.) I liked the way the gelly roll pen handled the subject. Very smooth and interesting.

"Jack," the Jack Russell Terrier

This piece is also an example of "Criss-Cross" line work, which is very good for animal fur/hair. Ironically, considering all the pen & ink work I've done over the years, this was not one of the pen & ink marks I have commonly used. Considering how much fun it was to do AND how well it handled the dog's hair I'm amazed that I haven't used it before. (If I had it would have saved me a lot of textural frustration rendering animals, let me tell you!) Now that I know about it I will certainly want to do more with this type of line work.


  1. Oy! I hate gel pens! Mainly because they just don't write for me! Well, they do, for about two minutes! But, I guess they aren't all did get this great drawing out of them!

  2. You know, I had the same experience with them but wanted to try them out more seriously for lettering. I did some research and found out that the Sakura Gelly Roll pens were highly regarded. The basic pens write really well and are quite smooth. Having confirmed that I then needed to see how they would work as drawing tools. The little things did a pretty good job! Not too shabby for carrying in your sketch kit for a little added color. :-)