Monday, August 23, 2010

Why letters?

Two pages from my lettering journal

Throughout the years I have taken time out to practice lettering. Not calligraphy per se, although I have done that too, but drawing letters. I’m a good copyist and it’s something I really enjoy doing. Like pen & ink, I find drawing letters quite relaxing. I seem to be in another cycle of letter drawing right now. Every day of so, for the past few weeks, I’ve spent a few hours copying letters. It’s a good warm-up for drawing and it’s also fun in its own right.

Initial Capital (copyright Sara Light-Waller 2010) 

Besides the intrinsic value of knowing how letters are formed, kerned, tracked, etc., drawing them reminds you to pay attention to your writing in a way that many of us forget after years of mindless practice. Good letter forms are actually quite beautiful, an art form in and of themselves. In this day of computerized fonts (and don’t get me wrong, I have THOUSANDS of fonts on my computer all neatly categorized into type categories for easy design access) it’s nice to revisit hand lettering. It adds a touch of class to your day.

Letters Decorated with Ferns

I can't wait to use these fern letters for something!


  1. I love seeing your letters journal and hope that you will keep sharing with us.

  2. I'm tickled that you liked seeing my letters journal Shirley. Thanks for the sweet comment and I will definitely keep you all updated.