Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Last Mark - Wavy Lines

Today I finished the last of my pen and ink practice sheets. The mark of the day was “Wavy Lines.” I have used this technique for wood grain before and have quite liked it. Here’s an example from several years ago.

"Sunshine Gourd" pen & ink and watercolor
I decided to try using these marks for some other surface today and went searching around the house for a piece of agate to draw. While looking, I stumbled upon this little glass heart, left to me by my mother who passed away last Spring. I knew it would be the perfect subject.

Glass Heart using wavy line ink marks

I think it worked out alright, although this technique, when used for surfaces other than wood, seems to confuse me a little bit. Clearly, more practice is needed. ;-)


  1. Gorgeous drawings and amazing result and great use of different medias =) Everything just popped out so well!