Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Copper Bracelets, Crosshatch, and EDM #32

I seem to be putting on the steam to get through the variety of pen and ink marks that I've been practicing lately. Thus far I have done: contour, stippling, parallel, criss-cross, and crosshatch lines. That leaves two discrete marks in the Claudia Nice book from which I've been doing my review. The two remaining ones are wavy and scribble lines. I have virtually no experience with scribbly lines and as they are so useful in landscape and urban sketching I'm eager to try them. Wavy lines I've used for some time when drawing wood grains. They're also useful for things like agates and other patterned stones. Perhaps I'll do my wavy line sample from something like that.

But for today back to my favorite pen & ink mark, the crosshatch. It's useful in so many instances that I can't imagine not using it. But it isn't good for everything, and fur is really an example of something it doesn't do very well. (For that I remain delighted by the usefulness of criss-cross lines.) Today's experiment was to render a copper and turquoise bracelet that I've had for many years. The patina on the copper is so interesting, I did my best to capture it with colored pens and crosshatch marks. Ultimately, I decided to add a little colored pencil on the top as I just didn't have the range of gelly pens necessary to capture the color as closely as I want to.

Here's the sketch page from my journal then...and it's all about the crosshatch mark!

Crosshatch page from my sketch journal today

The bracelet also serves as Every Day Matters challenge # 32 - Draw Something Metallic.

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