Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally! A new post!

This is just a hello post to let everyone know that I have not exactly dropped off the face of the Earth. It was close though...

Just kidding.

The month of May absolutely flew by with the end of the month punctuated by a 10-day trip to the East Coast for two Memorials (one for my Mother) which included a rather long and unnecessarily convoluted travel itinerary up and down the East Coast. Exhausting!

But now that I'm home with my feet actually touching ground, it's back to life, love, and art for me.

Soon I will be upgrading my Flying Pony Studios website with some fun new features and PRODUCTS at long last! It'll be an on-going process and one that I'm super excited about. When the relaunch occurs, you'll hear about it here first, but suffice to say that Flying Pony Studios is entering a brand new and really cool era. One that I'm certain will bring new ideas and opportunities for expansive play to many people. So please stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting more colorful

"Two Roans"

Here's the newest update on the heavy horses. I like the progress of the piece but I have to admit to some frustration over the soft finish of the Rivers paper. It's pretty paper but a bit too delicate for my tastes. I miss the harder finish of my usual Stonehenge or Canson paper. I'm finding the colors aren't sitting very firmly on this paper either, smudging easily. I'm also finding myself worrying about the paper surface being compromised when I lift off color. Sigh. The cost of experimentation! At least you learn what not to do in the future!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful day to sketch!

Finally a sunny warm day! Ah Spring can it be you? :-)

I simply couldn't resist doing some sketching in the sunshine today while the horses ate lunch. It was so nice to see everyone with their blankets off - at long last. These sketches were done in my Moleskin with water-soluable ink and touches of watercolor. :-)