Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun Sketching Day at the Gift Horse

Quickie sketch day at the Gift Horse
I had so much fun today (well at this hour it was technically yesterday(!)) I spent the afternoon at the Gift Horse Saddlery doing quick sketches of people’s pets from photos they brought with them. It was a really successful event. Word had gone out in the Gift Horse e-newsletter the week before that I was going be there doing inexpensive sketches for people if they brought in photos. I got there on “horse person’s time,” (that is to say a few minutes late) and people where actually lined up waiting for me! I got a chance to see some old friends and clients and meet some wonderful new people and, one really cute Jack Russell terrier named, what else? “Jack.”

Here are some pictures from the day.

My table complete with art prints and my sketching stuff

Sketch of Marsha Murray's Beuford (I love the shape of this horse!)

Another quickie sketch

Debby Nicely's dog "Jack" - what a gentleman!

Such a fun day, I certainly hope that we can all do it again sometime soon. :-)

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