Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trying out some new things

Yesterday, I went to the Evergreen Classic horse show in Carnation, WA to do some sketching. I had a grand time. Although I'd planned to go back today, a nagging foot injury made me think that resting it was the better part of valor. So I used a few photos I snapped the day before to some more sketches. You can see the rest on my Flickr stream here.

In the interest of improving my sketching and design skills, I did some hard thinking today about how other really good sketch artists present their work. Fortunately, I follow a great many sketchers through my RSS feeds. Armed with their inspirations, was able to really put some thought behind my designs today.  Below are the results.

Sketch 1 - "Don't let him get away!"

Sketch 2  - "Alternative Transportation"

I'm quite pleased with these two sketches. I'm also really excited to continue exploring the design side of sketching. Onwards and upwards with pen in hand!


  1. These are both great compositions - love the dog outside the frame and the cropping of the bicycles.

  2. They look great and the crosshatching on the copper bracelet is very nicely done. I agree, crosshatching is fun.

  3. Awesome sketches! =) Love the colors

  4. I DO like these drawings! I particularly like the bicycles, maybe because of all of the angles. Both are great and expertly drawn. Congrats! But then, looking at your drawings posted to your blog, they're all wonderful.

  5. Excellent! The design is fantastic.

  6. What wonderful comments! Thanks to all of you for them. :-)