Saturday, February 11, 2017

Flying Pony Studios site rebuild - DONE!

Welcome to the new Flying Pony Studios website!

I rebuild my website every few years.

It's necessary as both the times, and my focus, changes periodically. 

The new build is teaching-focused with pages for classes, an event calendar, and a page to promote my art coaching business. Of course, there's also a gallery of my artwork and a place to see some current projects. About the latter...there'll be more added to the current projects page sometime soon. I have a few new projects I'm really excited to share with you.

I'll get there.

And there will be a e-commerce store here, too. In time. 

For now though...I hope you like the new Flying Pony Studios website.

Drop me a line with comments or if you find any *shiver* typos.


  1. Pet Peeve. I don't like fill-in forms. Others may feel the same way. Perhaps add an email to your contact page?

    1. Thanks for the input, Katherine. I appreciate it. :)