Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grey horses painted in lively grays.

I love grey horses. I used to have one and I thought he was the most beautiful thing in the world. Of course, I was a teenager at the time. ;-) All the same, the fact that greys change color as they get older, frequently from black or charcoal gray to nearly or completely white, still seems a magical process to me.

Every horse person has a favorite color of grey (if they like grey horses at all...). Mine is dark charcoal with a white tail and mane, like Chaucer was when I first got him. Playing on this seemingly magical process, I have long desired to paint grey horses in a more lively fashion than they usually appear. This newest sketch from the Evergreen Classic photos gave me the chance to explore that concept.

A grey horse painted in lively grays
Although the colors aren't "true" in an illustrative sense, it's amazing how many of the colors I painted were actually in the horse.

On the other side of the journal page I had fun creating something of a guidebook entry about horse shows.

Horse Show Facts for the "Non-Horsey" Set.
I felt this was a good closing page for the Evergreen Classic series. In case you're curious to see the whole thing I have posted the entire two-page spread here on my Flickr.

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