Friday, November 11, 2011

Exciting news!

Merry Christmas a bit early!

As of today you can buy both the EBook (digital download) and spiral-bound (physical) versions of “My Day at the Horse Show” in my web store:

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for the physical version of the coloring book and now you can get your very own for $10.00 + tax.  These cute coloring books make perfect stocking stuffer gifts for all the junior horse lovers in your house (along with anyone else you know who loves to color!) As an added plus, if you’re local, you can get a copies directly from me without needing to pay for shipping. Wow! So stock up today!

In case you’ve not seen my video about the coloring book…you can see it here:

Happy Veterans/Remembrance Day everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our new house in journal form

We have bought our first house! Although a bit late to the game, I feel that Matt and I will do well with the sea of new tools and handy-person projects. It's easy to forget that I have been nailing up boards on horse farm fences for most of my life and even wielding a machete when the occasion calls for it! So I think we’ll be OK. ;-)

I have decided to journal our house move-in preparation and moving process. (Hopefully this will be our last moving event for a long while!) I started my journal today. Although in black and white right now, I may very well move to color.

These sketches were done with a Noodler's Flex pen with Lexington Grey Ink and Pitt Design pens in shades of gray in an old ledger book.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a relief!

So you may have been wondering where I've been lately. Perhaps even believed that I had dropped through some hole in the universe from which there was no return. Well...not quite. Although it is true that we have been quite busy lately buying our first house, that was not the real reason for my absence here. Nor was it that I have been marketing my coloring book quite heavily and haven't had time to do much else - art wise, including writing. 


Only tonight did I realize that I really didn't like the new dynamic template here on Blogger. I just didn't find it writer-friendly. Weird but true! So anyway...I have finally switched back to the old template and voila! here I am back writing again quite happily within minutes! It was easy and boy does it feel good to be back.

To quote Meredith Murphy..."Expect Wonderful" And I do! :-)