Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daily Report: No “artistas” here

One of my Snow Wolf doll proxies, used to check
lighting and clothing when drawing
Editing has been going gang-busters for me this week, with six chapters edited so far. I’m not quite sure how I managed to pull off the editing I did this morning. I was not in the right mood to edit when I got up, but wanted to try and push ahead before leaving for a Seattle appointment this afternoon. My old illustration professor used to say that professionals can’t be “artistas,” waiting until they feel in the "right mood” to work. Even though I’ve always embraced this philosophy, being able to pull out another chapter's worth of edits this morning was still a real surprise to me. Though the chapter will still need another re-read before bed tonight, I think it's in pretty good shape now, including the more complete description of an interior of a soviet-style apartment which I neglected in earlier drafts. 

Inking is proceeding well on the next book illustration. I’ve just gotten out one of my Barbie doll clothing proxies to check the lighting for the clothing in the drawing. (I may have to dig into my doll stores in the garage to find the girl in the shiny leather coat, though. I hope she’s easy to find.) 

So, all proceeds here as the hail comes down outside.

PS. Still groovin' with the Noodler's Konrad flex pen. I'm finding that its wider nib creates a nice line width for the heavier ink lines in the drawings. 

Ink pens I'm using in my illustrations
Micron (initial lines over pencil)
Namiki Falcon EF
Noodler's nib creaper flex
Noodler's Konrad flex

Fountain pen ink of choice
Noodler's Black

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