Friday, March 15, 2013

Daily Report: Snow Wolf Reappears in Anchorage

Snow Wolf as she appeared in "Privateer Princess"

Here’s a book spoiler for you, the heroine of my novel is named Snow Wolf. She’s same girl heroine as seen in the our web comic, Privateer Princess. The Snow Wolf in my novel is not exactly the same girl as the one in the web comic. She doesn’t even look exactly the way she did before. Most noticeably missing is her trademark topknot. My novel heroine is going to get some serious fashion lessons as the books go on and in Book I she ends up dumping her topknot pretty quickly. But she still has it at the beginning at the book and if you look closely you'll see it in one of the illustrations in an early chapter. This is the drawing I’m working on right now. It'll be the only place in the book where she appears as she does in the comic. I just had to do it as a homage to where everything started.

Another fun thing about this current illustration is that I’ve been able to show some of the characters from the web comic in the way I had originally envisioned them. When I was drawing Privateer Princess, I was using a manga style that didn’t really support the kinds of images I had been seeing in my head. The style I’m using for the book illustrations does. It’s nice seeing the characters the way I’ve always imagined them, it’s like seeing old friends again after a long time apart.

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