Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daily report: Technobabble

Technobabble is a staple of science fiction, always has been and always will be. I am actually quite good at writing it, especially if I can get into the right mindset which is a cross between “who the heck cares” and “wouldn’t this be cool?”

Today I’ve been polishing a chapter that was in desperate need of some good technobabble. I was stalling, wondering how I was going to describe the “magical” science fiction device that would be required for the scene. I am so very tired of all science fiction scanning devices since Star Trek looking like either iPads, Kindles, or flip phones. I wanted to do something different, but what? Looking around for inspiration I found what I was looking for in the retro design on a tissue box. Voila! A new scanner is born. ;-) Who says one has to repeat history endlessly!

As for today’s progress report I can happily say I’ve now all but finished the book illustration I’ve been working on and have edited another chapter. Not bad too shabby for a Sunday!

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