Monday, March 11, 2013

Desk Repair

I recently inherited a lovely mid-century modern secretary desk from my father. I grew up with this piece and after so many years of use it's now a bit the worse for wear. When it arrived here a few weeks ago I decided to do a few minor repairs on it myself before calling in a professional to address some of the bigger issues like rewiring the inside light and perhaps making a new door for the right hand section.

Today’s project was putting down new vinyl for the writing surface. The old naugahyde had been pulled up at some time in the past. (I think I remember why too, it was covered with blue pen marks.) I thought about re-doing the inside piece too but decided that for now just re-doing the writing area would be enough. Even with mixed colors, it really doesn’t look too bad. ;-)

My desk needed some minor repair

A few lingering pieces of old naugahyde
needed to be removed first.

Repair completed

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