Thursday, February 21, 2013

Editing versus Rewriting

I realized this morning that I've been mis-communicating lately about the editing I've been doing in Book II. It's not so much an editing pass that I've up to as much as a full rewrite. Obviously, rewrites are more time-consuming and complex then edits. I've already added about twenty pages to the book, filling in details I saw in my head when I first wrote it but left out for the sake of initial ease of writing flow. Yes, it is a lot of work, but worth it. The book is much better now for the changes. :-)

I'm in the home stretch at this point with just a few chapters left to go. It's been interesting making illustration notes as I progress through the text, trying to remember that changes to the text they well might affect the illustrations too. Logically, I wouldn't even start the pictures until the text was absolutely completed, but I'm not that smart and am working on them concurrently. *lol* Still, all is proceeding rather smoothly, especially considering the size of the project (more than one actually as so far there are two books.)

Well, that was my writing break for the back to Chapter 26. :-)

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