Friday, February 22, 2013

Daily Report

I’ve decided to start using this blog more like a journal and begin reporting smaller and less “impressive” events going on here at the studio.

So here goes – The Daily Report for February 22, 2013.

I'm closing in on the end of the Book II rewrite. Yeah! Just five chapters left to go. That sounds like a lot but as the book has thirty-one chapters and an epilogue, I’m actually pretty close to the end now. I’ve done a massive amount of rewriting in this draft, already having added more than twenty pages to the text, including several entirely new scenes. I have one more of these new scenes left to write for the book, this one coming in the next chapter I’ll be editing, Chapter 28.

The pencil drawing for the next Book I illustration is nearly completed. I expect to start inking it later on today. This will be the first of the illustrations showing “modern things” drawn in this old-timey style. I think it’ll be fun to see modern cars and such drawn as if they were part of a fairy tale book from the early 20th century. Don't you? ;-)

That’s the report for now. Ciao.

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