Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily report: following your highest passion

I admit to being a “new-agey” type. Why bother mentioning this in my daily report? Because my  forthcoming illustrated novels represent my highest passion and I believe that following your highest passion can lead you to enlightenment. Each day as I work on the book(s) and get them that much closer to being ready to send to press, I also feel that much further along the road of my joy. It's pretty profound if you think about it and also quite fun.

Now back to today's report…I put Book I into proper manuscript formatting today. (This would have taken much less time had I remembered the correct the search and replace commands – oh well!) I really didn’t mind doing it the long way, I just listened to some jazz and got it done. It was very peaceful.

This evening, I put in a good bit of work on the next book illustration. It’s looking quite good at this point. The illustration shows the heroine and her best girlfriend, who’s quite beautiful. While my heroine is boyish and cute her friend is a real “dish.” She’s really looking that way in the drawing too. ;-)

Managing lights and darks in pen and ink drawing is a total feel thing. Everything in the drawing is about contrast. In this piece I've started using an ink brush to add a bit more punch to the darks. I'm pleased the results thus far.

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