Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aloha from Hawaii!

This is the beginning of our third full day in beautiful Hawaii. We’ve had some problems finding Wi-Fi so I haven’t been able to post until now. Right now, we’re staying in Kona on the Big Island. In a few days, we’ll be going to Kauai. It’s quite dry on this side of the island, unlike Hilo, which we visited on the second day of our trip. Hilo is rainforest which, amazingly, was bright and sunny the day we visited. Thus far, our stay in Kona has been rain-spattered.

I have been doing quite well with my routine of fast sketching thus far. In fact, I’m going to post a bunch of sketches today! I’m finding fast sketching both relaxing and rewarding, especially knowing that I have photos to back up my sketches for potential paintings later on. Amazingly, each of the sketches I’m posting took no longer than 10 minutes, with many taking only a minute or two. (Cheers to David Rankin for his fast sketching techniques!) I’m planning on painting on the trip too, but haven’t yet haven’t found the right moment to do that. Perhaps today, when we head over to see some Volcanoes.

Here’s a small travelogue of sketches (with a few photos) from the past few days.

Cheers to all!


Matt and I in Hilo

Sara and tour guide Joe in an (unrehearsed) action shot! 

Sketches of swimmers and beach people

Birds at breakfast

Hawaiian alter

Immature Strawberry Bananas

Matt and the banana leaf (no joke!)

Young banana "trees" grow out of the husks of older trees

Rainbow Falls which has a lava tube behind it

Pile of Sea Turtles napping on the rocks

Tiki figure at our hotel

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