Sunday, September 19, 2010

EDM Challenges 291 & 126

EDM Challenge #291 - Draw a Book Cover

I've been having fun with markers recently. It’s always nice to pull out a tool I haven’t used in a while and see if I still have the chops to use it. What made it even more fun is that Copic markers are really great to use in manga drawings and the most recent challenge #219 Draw/Paint a Book Cover, allowed me to draw manga images once again.

I have to admit I miss it. We stopped our webcomic after my mother-in-law's death last year and we haven’t been back to it since. I don’t think we will return to it, for various reasons. I had so much fun drawing the Red River cover it makes me think I’m nearly ready to go back and draw in this style again. Perhaps it's about time to start one of the other manga story projects I've had in mind for a while. I actually wrote a little about one of them some time ago in the arts section of massage website You can read about it here.

EDM Challenge #126 - Draw a Sponge
Having put so much energy into the book cover I’m almost embarrassed by the sponges in Challenge #126. They just seem so ordinary! But I like them all the same. Most especially the little blue one in the upper left.  It was something of an extra challenge doing this page in magic marker. Ironically, if I had done it in watercolor it would have been much easier. But the markers gave me the impetus to add some extra-bright colors to the sea sponges, which, in my husband’s words, made them the most lively sponges he’d ever seen.
We’ll just take that as a compliment, shall we? ;-)


  1. What a fantastic works, Sara!
    Sponge has to be very difficult... And on the other hand, you achieved a great result with markers in both drawings.
    Love them! :)

  2. Splendid work and how fun! The sponges made me smile and the book cover is very intriguing and, of course, beautifully done. nancy

  3. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments.:-) Maybe when I put my markers away this time I shouldn't put them back quite so far in my closet. They might come in handy again before the year is out. ;-)

  4. The sponge isn't ordinary at all, you've transformed it into something special!

  5. I love the cover of that book! What an awesome looking cat! The sponges look nice too!

  6. Thanks so much to you all. :-)) Isn't that the great thing about the EDM group? We're all making ordinary things wonderful!

  7. I love that cat on the book cover. You did a great job on the sponge, a challenge I am afraid to take on just yet.

  8. Thanks Lynn and Donna! :-)

    You know, I was wary of the sponge too, but then I said, "look at all the interesting folds...!" and it sort of became irresistible. ;-)