Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things have been slow or rather diverted

My mind has been in a total whirl lately getting ready for our first real vacation in many years. Hawaii! Because of  all the needed preparations (the trip is in just two weeks!) my sketch book hasn't gotten its usual attention over the past week. Today I really felt the need to draw something. Anything! I chose calligraphy as my topic as it's just so relaxing for me. Below is my newest journal page. This is a modified Monoline font decorated with gel pens and watercolor pencils on a thin grid paper.

Letter practice today

I'm really liking this font. It seems to have many possibilities for variations and it's not too intimidating. It's not supposed to have any spaces between lines of text, which is interesting. It's also common with this font to run the words from line to line without any hyphenation. To me this makes for a much more "artsy" read.

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