Friday, July 16, 2010

Shock and Awe

As I was reading “The Creative License” today I was shocked and delighted to read the section aptly entitled, “Shock: Blasting Your Butt Out of A Rut.”

Horrifying as it sounds, I realized that shock might just be the best remedy for artistic fear.

“What I am really discussing here is creativity,” Gregory says, “We must understand that creativity is both essential to survival and anathema, too. That’s why it can be so hard to overcome the resistance we have to our own creativity, why it causes us such a deep sense of fear and dread. And why artists are so reviled in our fat, contented world.”

The creative act initiates growth and change. It challenges the established order. But this means that meek, little old me, who never anticipated challenging ANYTHING, does so by the very act of creating a new drawing. Furthermore it means that in general, artists change the world every time they create something new. Many people don’t feel comfortable with change. Artists are people. Therefore many artists feel uncomfortable with change. Even in themselves!

Gregory continues, “to be creative you must be brave and allow yourself to take risks.” Playing it safe is a big part of why I’ve been so afraid to connect the two sides of my brain.

If you allow yourself the chance to create freely, whether it’s in your daily sketch journal, on a canvas, or in any other medium, you are doing something wildly expansive. That very act of creation is a huge thing! It’s why we’re artists. Being a creative risk-taker is not encouraged in many households, and perhaps not in society in general. This is a great shame. Perhaps small acts of creativity are actually very large acts of courage. I say yes!

Speaking of acts of courage…here is my journal sketch from yesterday. I’m finding I miss color in my drawings. (I like watercolor in journals the best!) This particular journal can’t really handle wet media, but I have others under way that can. Perhaps I won’t wait as long as I’d planned to bring color back in. It does so brighten up a page. ;-)

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