Friday, July 2, 2010

More Ponies

Here’s the latest update on the ponies.

 "Best Friends"

It seems to be progressing alright but I find myself still struggling somewhat with the medium. My main complaints with the pencils are that I am having trouble getting the details sharp enough, AND that the colors available to me are so limited in range. The colors of the Derwent Drawing Pencils that I have (I have the 12 piece set and there are 24 total) are all analogous and/or quite muted. Although this can be a huge selling point, after all my recent work practicing mixing interesting greys and lively neutrals, I’m finding it quite the limitation.

The funny part is, I’ve been saying for weeks that I wanted to expand outward from the “usual” animal color palette of umber’s, ochre’s, russets, and bluish/greenish greys. Yet those are exactly the color choices of the Derwent Drawing Pencils! Perfectly funny! AND proof positive that I knew what I wanted all along. This piece is making me want to return to watercolor, or wax-based colored pencils, ASAP!

Although I can make a piece work using this palette (and these pencils), I miss having at least some blue-violets available for the shadows and/or cyan or bluish-turquoise to neutralize some of the sienna’s. Oh well, best make this piece as beautiful and evocative as I can and then return to a medium that I really love! Watercolor!

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