Monday, July 12, 2010

About Shape & Form

I‘m really glad I picked up “The Creative License!” I’m also glad that I’m not too proud to get back to basics for a little while. I’d forgotten that an artist’s eyes can get a little dull and their brain's even duller! It’s been a long while since I’ve done any contour drawings and although I use negative space all the time, I’d really forgotten the feeling of combining the two. I realized a couple of things in my drawings today.
  1. Objects that you don’t mentally categorize as particular objects are much easier to draw. The drawing process then becomes relatively stress-free as the shapes stay simply - shapes.
  2. Complexity is a trap that can be avoided by #1.
  3. Minimal detailing, if it’s correctly placed, can be used to maximum effect.
Here are a selection of drawings from today. All are drawn in ballpoint pen with no corrections. The only exception is the camel which had exactly two corrections.

Negative space drawing of a chair - partial.
Negative space drawing of a table with a horse statue on top.
Amazing how much information can be gleaned
from such little detail.
Negative space drawing with contour.
Cell phone wireless headset. A very complex shape drawn
without stress due to the lack of conceptual thought during the drawing process.

Contour drawing using negative space
with minimal detailing added.
Table grouping of eyeglass case, phone, cell phone.

Contour drawing using negative space, with minimal detailing
added based on relative positioning. Stuffed camel.
An amazingly stress-free drawing. In fact, quite easy to do!

I’m delighted with today’s process. Especially as the goal of this “Creative License” project is to expand my creative process and not learn how to draw. (I already know how!) It would be a good day regardless, but the reconnection with these very valuable drawing tools (contour, modified contour, negative space, minimal detailing based on relative positioning) is well worth the effort.

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