Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everyday Matters Combined with Pen & Ink Exercises

I have noticed lately that my pen & ink skills have gotten a bit sloppy. It’s time to, once again, practice texturing exercises! While choosing the subject matter for these pieces I decided to make them “Everyday Matters” exercises as well. So here are my first two.

EDM #8: Draw your watch – using two texturing techniques: parallel lines & stippling.
EDM #119: Draw some rocks (well one rock anyway)– using contour lines. This one is stippled with watercolor.

It’s been fun starting to do the EDM exercises. As I have plenty more texturing exercises left to go, I’m looking forward to combining them with other EDM challenges. I just hope no one will be put off by the fact that I’m not doing them in numerical order. ;-)


  1. Nice one... I loved looking at the zoomed version of the watch... Thanks for putting in the text there.. I haven't done any serious pen and ink anytime, but really, this is one of the reasons.. I just don't know what all can be done! This is lovely

  2. Nice display of ink and pen skills! I personally am a little bit too careful with those and usually would play around with pencils first...hahahaha, yeah I am scared of making mistakes and that's really not a good quality as an artist...too much of an engineer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Shalini and Alex for your kind words.
    :-) I love pen & ink, I've always found it very relaxing. And mistakes...well, that's what a good bottle of "Pro white" is for. ;-)

  4. Great pen work, I love to lose myself in the stippling and scribbling.

  5. Nice drawings and such an interesting rock to sketch (looks like a godess symbol on it?)

    Great blog and I plan to check in often

  6. Your drawings are beautifully done, and your texturing effective. I have been enjoying drawing with pen and ink lately as well. Btw, I never do the EDM challenges in order either!

  7. Thanks guys! :-)
    Cindi: Yes, it is a goddess symbol. It's my favorite purchased paperweight.
    Cathy: I lose myself too. I've always loved p&i.
    Janene: I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one. ;-)

  8. These are terrific. Lovely texture work. Oh, I stopped doing the challenges quite some time ago. If I happen to come across something to sketch that fits in, well I might look it up and number it. They are good if you're looking for things to draw, which hasn't been a problem for me yet. It's good to know the list is there though...just in case I'm in need of inspiration!

  9. Thanks! :-) I completely agree Raena. I'm frequently overwhelmed by all the choices of things to draw! The EDM challanges are such a great touchstone. Plus, I like seeing what others have done/are doing. It's very inspirational.:-)