Monday, July 26, 2010

Color Dots

I am a lucky girl! I live close to two Daniel Smith stores. The big one in Seattle is farther away now that I live on the “East Side” of Lake Washington, but the Bellevue store is mere 15 minutes away. A VERY great temptation for me. *silly grin*

Daniel Smith regularly gives away little watercolor paint dots on cards for free in their stores (also in the University Bookstore in Seattle for some reason) usually when they are promoting new colors. I’ve discovered quite a few new colors this way including Sicklerite Genuine (a lovely, granulating cocoa- brown) and Mayan Blue Genuine (a warm green-blue). The last time I was in the store they had a big bonanza card of 66 color dots for about $3. I couldn’t resist. It included quite a few colors I’d never tried and I was dying to see what they looked like. About a third of them were PrimaTek colors (expensive!) but this gave me a chance to see what they looked like. Big surprise I like several of them.

DS 66 Try-It Color Dot Sheet
Today I made up samples of each of the colors (some of which I already had) and decided which I liked best. It was a fun exercise.

Lovely color samples
A few notes on the colors. The pale ones on the bottom right are all Interference, Iridescent, and Duo-tone colors. The colors on the top of the right hand sheet are the new DS "Cadmium Hue" colors. They are Daniel Smith's new non-toxic Cadmium colors. They are really nice, clean colors. I suspect they'd make really nice, clean mixtures.
We have some winners!

Here are the colors I liked best:

PrimaTeks: Bloodstone Genuine, Blue Apatite Genuine, Green Apatite Genuine, Lapis Lazuli Genuine, Zoisite Genuine

Other colors: Quinacridone Fuchsia, Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue

Of course, I won’t be buying all of these colors at once. But I put Zoisite Genuine and Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue on the top of the list for the next convenient holiday. :-)

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