Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back from my Cross-Country Trip

It was a marathon! My friend and I traveled across 15 states in 8 days and that included one entire day of down-time due to a needed car repair! Phew. It was a lot of traveling.

Despite all that time, I was only able to do one sketch on the trip (something of a disappointment) and that was early in the trip in Vermont. However, I did take lots of pictures that I’m planning on using for sketches and paintings later on.

Here’s the one sketch I did at the Vermont Pretzel cafĂ© in Bellows Falls, Vermont. This place was a local favorite of my Mom’s and she took me there when I visited in December ’09. The food was great and this image was iconic for the place.

Here are a few photos from the trip that I’m eager to draw.

The Building housing WOOL100.1FM, Black Sheep Radio, the station where my Mom had her radio program on Sundays.
Below are a few shots from Yellowstone including Bison. We were amazed at how unconcerned they were by the presence of the tourists. But then again, they have been known to gore people who bother them, and they know that people generally leave them alone so why would they be concerned? All the same, it was neat seeing them walking right outside the car. 



Glad to be home and eager to get back to ART!

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