Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Dane Puppy Continues

Here’s the next stage of the Great Dane puppy painting. At this point I’m deepening the colors and refining the drawing. It’s funny but I seem to be treating this piece as if it were a commissioned portrait! I’m laughing here as this piece started out simply as a test for my new watercolor pencils and has turned into something more.

I’m definitely getting the feel of these new watercolor pencils. I also seem to be getting back my feel for the watercolor brush. Interestingly, my instincts for painting seem quite different from what they were back in the day. What’s happening now is new. These new feelings and instincts are helping me create a brand new style, less literal and more adventure-filled. That's making me really happy.

I have little idea what my new style will ultimately look like but I think you’re seeing the beginning of it in this puppy piece. Anyway, I’m happy with the progress and interested to see how the piece finishes up.

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