Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Watercolor Pencil Experiments: Adding Color to The Puppy

Here’s the Great Dane puppy with its color starting to be added. For the background I’ve been glazing some complementary colors to add depth and interest, experimenting with different brush sizes, and creating texture using both differing marks and sponging. Not sure which of all these techniques I like best yet. :-)

For the puppy, I’ve found that a small brush works best when smoothing the wet pencil. It helps create more evenness in the coloring.

So far, this is definitely a fun technique and an easy way to get back into watercolor. Clearly, it's also a wonderful technique in and of itself. However, I can already feel the urge to start laying down puddles of paint once again. That’s a good feeling. When it gets strong enough, I’m going to loosen up the controls and start playing with the “real stuff” once again! ;-)

I’m starting a cross-country road trip tomorrow morning and will be gone for a week so I’m not sure they’ll be any more posts for a few days. I’ll try to post from the road. If I can (and I hope I can) I will! But the puppy will officially be on hold until I return.

See you down the road!