Friday, July 1, 2011

The Fine Art Shop at Flying Pony Studios is now open for business!

For many years I have served the public as a massage therapist and a fine artist/illustrator. There is always a lot of pressure when one is in business for oneself. You always feel that you have something to prove to the world. This creates (at least for me) the feeling that you’re pushing against yourself and trying to force your will upon others. Some people don’t seem to mind this feeling of imposition but the truth is that you can never “get” anyone to buy your services or products. That is a false assumption. What is real is that the world is full of very creative and wonderful souls who desperately want to share with others what they have brought into this world with great care and joy.

I have met many of these folks on Facebook, Yahoo groups and other forums, and sites such as LinkedIn. I am astounded and grateful for the amazing creative souls that continue to pop up in my life every day.

As I was designing and setting up my new shop I realized that I had changed in a profound way. I no longer wished to try and “convince” anyone to buy my products and services. I no longer had anything left to prove. My desire is to share my work with the world. In doing so I hope that some people will find resonance with it and want to buy it. We as artists (or service providers) can hope for no more than that. Do you like my inner vision? We ask through our art. *smile* We can only hope that for some, the answer will be “Yes!”

Please come and share my visions. You can find the BRAND NEW Flying Pony Studios shop here. While you’re there, please take a moment to check out my home page where you can download some FREE clip art when you sign-up for my mailing list. In the future I will be adding more cards, fine art prints, clip art CD’s, and a line of kid’s coloring and paper doll books all based around a very cute, very fat, pony named Basil. My mailing list will keep you up-to-date on all my newest products and you’ll also get my newsletter which is packed with how-to art tips, free clip art give-a-ways, and other amazing things that I haven’t even thought of yet.

I hope you will stop by and take a walk through my new shop. It’s been a long time in coming!



PS. Oh! There’s one more thing. Please let me know if you find ANYTHING that’s not working in the store so that I can fix it. After all, the paint is still wet on the walls. ;-)

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