Monday, October 11, 2010

My how time does fly!

I’ve been back for just a few days and already it feels like an age since I’ve blogged anything at all! Now that I’m unpacked and life is beginning to return to normal, I thought it high time to talk about my trip and what I learned artistically.

The main change I made while away was to always have my sketchbook and camera with me and be ready to sketch at a moment’s notice. No dilly-dallying! After 10 days of this treatment I actually started reaching for my sketchbook BEFORE my camera! It was a revelation to me. One I hope I'll continue now that I’m home! :-)

My Hawaii sketch kit. The smallest sketchbook, pencil holder, and plastic
container for my pencil sharpening shavings all fit in my purse.

A common site on the trip, my hat, purse, and sketchbook.
I thought I’d start my trip artwork posts today with the sketch and value study. We saw this clever goat near South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. He/she was so cute I just had to sketch them and later do this small watercolor study. It was a very nice process that really helped understand the subject.

This was a very quick study that took me between 5 and 10 minutes.
This watercolor value study was also pretty quick.
Sodalite Genuine on a cold press postcard.
I'm looking forward to doing more of these small studies (as well as more finished paintings) over the next few weeks.  :-)

PS. I had some trouble with my watercolor sticks while I was away. They tended to stick to the plastic palette I keep in my travel case. Most of the time they looked like this when I opened the box. :-(

A sad case...