Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Charles de Lint and Charles Vess book signing

Charles Vess, Charles de Lint, MaryAnn Harris (from left to right)

Last night was fun! Matt and I went to the University of Washington bookstore for a book signing of “Seven Wild Sisters” written by Charles de Lint and illustrated by Charles Vess. What a delightful presentation. Not only did we get to hear a selection from the book, but Charles (de Lint) and his wife, MaryAnn Harris played a few songs for us, while Charles (Vess) did a sketch. As always, Charles de Lint was great-hearted about signing mounds of books that people brought from home.

Charles Vess sketch
I had met Charles de Lint before, but never Charles Vess. As far as I'm concerned Charles Vess is one of the top fantasy illustrators we have right now.  While chatting with Mr. Vess, I discovered that he will be giving a professional illustration workshop in Washington this weekend and I was able to snag the very last spot!!! Wow!!!
Charles de Lint
Charles de Lint fast sketch drawn while he was playing music.
This is bound to be a mighty exciting weekend and I just can’t wait. I’ll be blogging about my experiences so stay tuned, I'm certain the workshop will be a lot of fun!

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