Saturday, February 15, 2014

More Casein Tips — Or, learning as I go

"Matt" - WIP casein
General watercolor & casein tip – Keeping a damp paper towel nearby is useful for getting excess paint off your brush. But it can also be used to dampen your clean brush just enough for smoothing and feathering. Works like a charm!

Casein tip #9 — To make clean-up easier, I’m trying a sheet of wax paper as my palette. I’ve set the paper inside a clean butcher tray. This makes clean-up much easier.

Casein tip #10 — Color strings are good! Premixing a range of colors before you start painting makes things go much faster. And, if need to mix more of a particular color, you already have a template for remixing. Nice!
I used five discrete premixed colors
in my newest casein painting

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