Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daily Report: Starting the next illustration today and…

My new drawing tool.

Martin Universal Design 23" x 31"
Pro-Draft Drawing Board
Tired of using a combination of T-squares and triangles, I decided to spring for a parallel straightedge drawing board the last time I was at the art supply store. True, it was a bit of an expensive impulse buy…but it’s going to be a tremendous help for the book illustrations. Why? Because good drafting counts!

My new drawing board in action
I started using it today as I began the next book illustration. Here it is in action. What a dream to be able to get my lines straight so easily! *phew* I am totally delighted with it. The right tool for the right job certainly makes everything easier…there’s no doubt about that.
Rough pencil drawing of the next book illustration
Finally, here’s my current drawing in progress. It’s still a pretty rough pencil drawing at this stage, but it’s coming along. One of the extra fun parts of this drawing will be the decorated border under the larger image which will show some of the action taking place elsewhere in the chapter at the same time as bigger picture. Fun! 

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