Thursday, May 9, 2013

Daily Report and Theme Songs

The next book illustration is nearly done! Yeah! At this point I’m going to put it down for the evening. It’s so close to being done now that I need to let it sit for a few hours to be able to add the final shadows tomorrow. At this stage of the drawing the changes are so small that we’re talking about a line here, a line there. Nothing too much.

Editing is also going along swimmingly…I have a second opinion on that now.*smile*

On a different topic entirely…I wonder if anyone else does this? I frequently think of my stories as movies and if I can find the right ones, provide mental theme songs for the characters and soundtracks for the scenes. I’ve always done this. Not all characters or scenes have songs, but some have songs that really stick. Kind of silly I know, but the musical accompaniment really can add to the character’s definition at least in my own head.

Some of the songs I’ve “used” in these mental soundtracks are:

“A Long Time Ago” by Jim Croce
“Rapid Roy (The stock car boy)” also by Jim Croce
“You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate
“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” by Leo Sayer
“Baby, Now That I Found You” by Alison Krauss
“Song of the Soul” by Chris Williamson
“Interplanet Janet” from Schoolhouse Rock

I would add “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John to that list but for a long time I misheard the lyrics and with the correct ones, it no longer works.

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