Monday, April 15, 2013

Daily Report: Designing a Starship Interior

Airstream interior
Matt reminded me tonight that when we were doing the webcomic of “Privateer Princess” I was being pretty miserable about designing starships, high-tech weapons, etc. That’s true, I was. Aren’t we always at least a little bit miserable when we feel we can’t translate the visions in our heads onto paper? I am, anyway. It’s also quite possible that I didn’t have enough visions in my head at the time, to translate. This is also quite possible. ;-)

But now, while illustrating my novel, I’m taking great care to think through the pictures to go with my words. Throughout the next two books (and maybe the next four) we’ll be seeing a lot of starship interiors. This time I’m quite inspired to make them look wonderful and magical.

Next up on my plate is the first illustration showing the interior of the hero’s ship. As I was doing some web research last night I got some wonderful design inspirations from refitted Airstream and Spartan trailers. There’s some wonderful stuff out there about them and, guess what? These trailers are tidy and cozy, perfect thought-modeling for the hero’s small starship. I just love it!

Anyway, here’s a few of my favorites, made into black and white pictures in order to see the pure design elements more clearly.

Makes me want to own one myself. *tee hee*

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