Monday, January 21, 2013

Today, a story…

Queen Talesha of the Tanrese
Over the weekend while doodling some costume design ideas for my new novel, I ended up with a drawing that wasn’t anything like what I needed for the new book. That happens sometimes, you end up with illustrations far afield from your original plans. So, I ended up with an illustration for a story I wrote quite some time ago, part of a story cycle featuring the exploits of a young priestess/heroine named Mathilde Tira Roass. I've written more than a dozen "Mathilde" stories but this story has the distinction of being the only one not written from Mathilde's point of view. This one was written from the perspective of her companion, a Tanrese man named Caucx.

Below is the introduction to, “Caucx and the Priestess,” which tells the tale of Mathilde's adventure searching for the missing queen of the Tanrese, Talesha Teragorgan.

"Heroes and Monsters of the Land"
From the tellings of Toral Terafin, Master of the Blue-Red School
It is well known my children that the dry land has had its share of heroes. These land heroes are of little importance to us except to demonstrate that the land above the waves is a very dangerous place, well in need of heroes.

One of the best known land heroes was a spirit priestess by the name of Mathilde Tira Roass. Priestess Mathilde lived long ago, in the time of my father's grandfather. She, along with the brave Tanrese hero, Caucx Corgorgan, once saved the life of wise and beautiful Queen Talesha Teragorgan, in a grand adventure ON THE LAND.

Ah, I see in your shining eyes that you doubt that such a thing could have been. Well I assure you that it was and now you shall hear the tale yourselves. Drift closer children and I'll tell you the tale.

In the fifteenth year of Queen Talesha's reign she decided to find a mate...

Of course there's more to the story. If enough people want to hear it, I'll tell you the whole thing. ;-)


  1. I want to hear the rest!

    1. I'm so glad! :-) I'll be publishing lots of new stories soon...please check back. And thank you for the kind's nice to get the feedback.