Friday, January 18, 2013

Still on silhouettes but currently looking for a change

My watercolor exercises are proceeding nicely. As I’ve been working on essentially the same subject for the past few weeks now – sunrise or sunset colored skies with foreground objects in silhouette - I've decided it's now time to move on to some other exercises. Although I've still got tons of good exercises left to do in my current watercolor book, I also have a few new watercolor books waiting for me at the library (including some by watercolorist David Bellamy!!!) that have me pretty excited.

I’ve chosen to use two spiral-bound Stillman and Birn Delta sketchbooks (9”x12” and 6”x7”) for this series of painting exercises. By keeping my paintings in bound books I’m finding it much easier to keep track of any sequential improvements to my painting. It's also kind of like keeping a watercolor painting journal that will be fun to refere back to later one. ;-)

Here are my most recent paintings.

"Peaceful Evening," watercolor 6"x7"
"Willow Weeps at Night," watercolor 9"x12"

This last painting is a little bit different. I missed pen and ink and one night started doodling a tree. I've been experimenting with brush marks and had some fun adding color to my little drawing after the ink was dry.  

"Tree," pen and ink and watercolor
(This last one is just because I like trees.)

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