Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rodney’s Saga Blog Illustrations

When my old riding buddy, Katherine Walcott, asked me to do a few illustrations for her blog, I jumped at the chance. After all, her blog is about a subject pretty near and dear to my heart - the journey of discovery you share with your horse. Her horse is named Rodney and is a bay Thoroughbred quite like my last horse, Prospero’s Magic. Much of what she writes about in her process really reminds me of my journey with Magic. He and I worked through a lot together. His rehabilitation and resettling took quite some time but ultimately led to a some very happy endings for the both of us.
Prospero's Magic
I recommend "Rodney’s Saga" for both Katherine’s writing and the unfolding of her process which many horse people will be able to relate to.

Today’s "Rodney’s Saga” blog post features one of my illustrations so please go and take a look!

Rodney's Saga blog post with my illustration

Yeah! :-)

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