Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Horse Life 15

Somehow it seems significant to be putting up Horse Life #15 on May 15th. Funny! Hopefully it’ll be a good one and worth the wait.

Today’s comic features the introduction of my heroine, Cynthia, and her pony, Basil. Although Cynthia isn’t introduced in this comic by name, she is the little girl I always intended to use as my main storyteller. Horse Life #1 also features Cynthia and Basil, but I wasn’t yet feeling confident enough to claim them as more than just generic “folks.” In the future, I will build up a cast of characters to support Cynthia and Basil’s world. I’m not sure who they will all be yet but it’ll be fun figuring that out. (Although Terrence and his owner are in the running - See Horse Life #12) I hope you'll all stick around long enough to discover it with me. Cheers! :-)

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