Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thinking about business and art

I grew up as one of those people who were taught that you couldn’t make money being an artist. Ironically, my father is an artist, an oil/acrylic painter, and has been for most of his life. But that was as a hobby only and he's always been very clear about that. It’s funny how our parents’ expectations have such insidious and long-lasting effects upon us. My father was a dentist and educator while painting on the side. I have been a health care professional (massage therapist and educator) for more than 20 years while also trying to have an art business. I have done so twice, officially, once in the early 1990’s in Tucson, and again now, in the greater Seattle area.

In between, I was doing various artistic things (and many times for commissions or sales) but my shingle wasn’t really up at that time. So here I am now, about to launch phase two of Flying Pony Studios – my freelance illustration business.

In the past few days I have broken through a long-standing barrier in my art business (massage too in truth). I have realized that the pattern of professional vs. hobby in my life has been there by virtue of training and inertia.

It's time to change all of that! I knew it yesterday in the way you know when you’re finally really ready to make a big change in your life. Today I began taking my business(s) into the realm of real, practical, business planning. I have given myself the rest of April to make my way through a chosen business workbook. I have made this an absolute priority! By the end of the month I will have made some significant changes to my businesses. And you know what…? I am delighted beyond words! It’s time to lose the old paradigm and create a whole new one. One wherein I will have a full and prosperous client list filled with people who I am thrilled to be working for. Time to make it happen!


  1. Best of luck Sarah! I'm living between two worlds myself. Have made a good living doing graphic design with some illustration work and now want to be a full time artist. Of course the graphic design experience helps tremendously when creating cards and promos so I'm not sorry I have learned so much and been keeping up with all the software etc. I'll be keeping my eye on you!

  2. Thanks Revelle! I've really enjoyed visiting your website as well as your blog. :-) In case you have a moment to visit my website it's