Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Horses of a different color

I have to admit that this is a funny posting, It looks like I'm doing a St. Patty's day piece. Green horses...? What? I do have a method to my madness however. I have been working on creating grayed complements in my colored pencil pieces - in other words - creating more colorful neutrals by mixing complementary colors instead of just using straight (and therefore more flat) grays. This can make your underpainting look like you're painting Martian animals, but the results are really worth it! This is the same technique I used in my latest commission and in the peacock earrings and it seems to be working out quite well.

Here are parts 2 and 2.5 of "Two Roans." The first is shown with dry watercolor pencils and the second with the colors wetted.
Part 2 - Dry watercolor pencil

Part 2.5 - Wetted watercolor pencil
Next I'll apply Polychromos pencils and start neutralizing those greens and purples.

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