Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Intersection Between Art and Craft.

"Two Dogs 1"
I have always loved art but also crafts. When I was little I made my own dollhouses out of shoe boxes and doll furniture out of defunct and then upholstered laundry detergent caps. As I became more of a fine artist/illustrator I tended to segregate the two interests, doing one or the other at any given time. Recently I’ve realized that people have begun to overlap the two categories very successfully. One of the ways I’ve seen this done is in art journaling. Writers like L.K. Ludwig and Traci Bunkers have been inspirational to me in my first steps in this rather freeing, cross-over endeavor.

Here are two pieces I’ve recently done in a series called “Two Dogs.” They’ve been great fun to do and I’ve used lots of different tools to create them including: pen & ink, tube watercolor, Neocolor II water-soluble pastels, Inktense pencils, Distress Inks, salt, and a bunch of handmade stamps and stencils. It's a really interesting and fun process!

"Two Dogs 2"
Here is the text of the “Two Dogs: story:
Two dogs went walking in a field. They were alone until they saw a deer standing alone, far off in the distance. One dog said, “let’s run after that deer, catch it and eat it.” The other dog said, “why should we bother when we have good food at home to eat?” The first dog said, “we are dogs, we are hunters, we eat deer.” The second dog said, “are we still?” Both stood and watched and did nothing. The deer looked back and after a moment sprinted back to the woods, unharmed. The second dog said, “we’re not hunters anymore.” The first dog said, “I’m glad.” Soon thereafter they returned home.  


  1. Lovely work, I like the effect of lots of different media, it makes it very original.

  2. Sara, I love your "two dogs", it looks great! I've just started to play with my watercolor crayons and love em for quick landscapes. I saw your post on the "Everyday Matters" group but haven't yet introduced myself there.
    great job!

  3. I made doll houses out of shoe boxes too when I was little. Used fabric scraps and small boxes or anything I could find for "furnishings". I like your works here and it looks like you use mixed media to its full advantage. Very nice!

  4. Thanks everyone and nice to meet you Mary.
    :-) I look forward to seeing some of your work too.

  5. Beautiful combination of the media!