Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sketch of the Day

"Pressure Washer," pen/ink and Marvy marker in a Pentalic sketchbook
My world has been undergoing a major transformation...that is to say, my marriage of twenty-four years has recently broken up and life is going ahead on completely new footing. We're selling our house and I've been packing for weeks! That means that most of my art supplies are packed and my drawing time is limited to occasional sketching. 

This morning my fingers got that itchy feeling and I thought I'd see how rusty my drawing hand actually was. There happened to be a pressure washer temporarily residing on the patio and I thought it'd make a good subject, not too easy and not too hard.

So this sketch is a marker (no pun intended!) - the first one I've done as a newly single person. The fact that it's a pressure washer might very well be symbolic (lol) although I didn't think of that at the time. However, in retrospect...hmmm. *wink*

I do miss my circle templates though... :-P
The drawing without color

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