Friday, May 1, 2015

Sketch/Painting of the Day - "First Iris"

“First Iris” 6” x 12” pen & ink and watercolor
in a Pentalic Nature Sketch book

I finally got outside for some plein air painting today…well, sort of. My first iris of the season had bloomed and I wanted to draw it before it faded. But the weather was a bit too chilly to paint it outside so I brought my drawing back inside to finish it.
The paper in this Pentalic sketchbook leans toward Hot Press, so I wasn’t able to work as wet on wet as I would have liked. However, because the paper wasn’t too “toothy” (in other words bumpy - a feature of Cold Press and Rough watercolor papers) it allowed me to make up in pen work what I wasn’t able to do in watercolor.

I went for a graphic design look in this painting, using ink strengthen the plants while keeping the background abstract. 

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