Sunday, April 5, 2015

Painting of the Day – “Moss Forest”

“Moss Forest” 11” x 15” mixed watermedia
Copyright Sara Light-Waller, 2015

I've spent many years marveling at the drippy, amazingly-rich colors of Washington’s mossy forests. The colors shift with the weather but on rainy days the bright-green mosses are particularly eye-catching. Mosses covers everything here, anything that stays still long enough for them to colonize. And although this can, and does, pull down structures, the gentle, neon-green-splotched groves are a rich and welcoming sight to my artist’s eyes. This painting is my latest attempt to capture a moss-drenched forest scene. I used distinct layers of acrylic, watercolor, and casein to try and capture the luminous quality of the greens.

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