Saturday, May 31, 2014

En Plein Air Painting in Arizona: The Sedona Airport

"View from the Sedona Airport" watercolor, 9" x 12"

I’ve already mentioned that the smoke from the Slide Fire was really present in Sedona in the mornings. But sometimes you could see smoke in the early evenings too. On Sunday night we went up to the local airport to get a good view of the mesas. In one direction the smoke was very obvious, but in the other, the sky was clear.

We had an early dinner at the Mesa Grill and afterwards I asked them if I could do a painting from their back patio. They cheerfully agreed, and out I went, to paint a far mesa behind the airport. This proved to be a good vantage point for painting, except for one thing — the occasional jet exhaust! But you need to be flexible to paint en plein air. And for me, it is well worth the inconveniences.
Showing my painting setup

Painting and original scene

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