Monday, July 29, 2013

Lots going on at Flying Pony Studios!

My new drafting table

It has been a massively busy weekend here at the studio. To begin with, my illustrations for Tetong in the Land of the Unknown by Ludvimin Reyna got a nice mention in a Kirkus review. *yeah* It’s always nice to get good reviews, especially with the new book coming out soon.

Following this bit of good news I bought a new (actually, quite venerable) drafting table on Craigslist last Friday. Wow! It's fabulous. There is such a huge difference between professional and amateur drawing tables. This fine table is at least as old as I am, made of heavy wood, has foot rests(!!!), and a built-in light box.

As we were setting it up, I asked Matt to raise the tilt of the table until it literally matched my drawing hand for best comfort. What a joy! Of course, my old drafting chair was way too short for this tall table but I magically inherited a wonderful drafting stool from a dear friend who lives nearby. He owns a barn filled with all sorts of mysterious things. I swear that place is magical. The same friend also loaned me a lovely cutlass to use as drawing reference for my hero’s sword. Fantastic!

The other thing that happened last weekend was that our old Privateer Princess webcomic site was hacked. This precipitated taking down the old site content making way for the new novel website to come. I have put up a temporary "coming soon" page for the new novel. It’s pretty exciting actually! The first real evidence of the books to come. Here’s the link for the new page:

So that was my weekend. If it sounds like a was! But there was even more. In my next post I'll describe my newest painting and what I've learned (or more properly...unlearned) about watercolor painting from Golden Age illustrator, Rene Bull.

Cheers all!

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