Friday, June 14, 2013

Daily Report: Retro design and pulp book covers

"Privateer Princess" pulp cover
Forgive me if I wax nostalgic for a moment, but I just love pulp covers. Not only because the art is pretty unique and the design humorous, but also because the camp factor is just way off the charts! I discovered Bradley W. Schenck’s site, “Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual” and his wonderful Pulp-O-Mizer fairly recently and had a great time today designing faux pulp covers for my new novels. Here are a few that I made. Obviously the art isn’t mine, but the ideas are. Such fun!

"Tales of the Ciodali" pulp cover.

Beyond that, I ironed out a few tough and stringy bits from the middle of Book I and also continued my editing polish of Book II. So it was a good day, really. Kind of strange in some ways…but thinking about pulp titles and stories will do that to you. 

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