Monday, June 4, 2012

Lekanis Lid Part 3 – Awkward Stage

Lekanis Lid - part 3
Here is my most recent day’s work on the Lekanis lid. I’m fairly happy with the color as it’s been laid down, but the Derwent Drawing pencils bring up the same nagging doubt for me this time as they did the last time I used them for a fine art piece. (See below)

"Best Friends" - Derwent Drawing pencils on Stonehenge paper
The doubt is that the color is pretty dull compared to Prismacolor. I know, I know! I was just saying yesterday that I chose these pencils specifically for their matte color. And I did. However, it’s interesting to note that, twice now, at about this same stage in a piece, I have had similar doubts about using Derwent Drawing pencils for a fine art piece. A nagging feeling that they are not professional enough in color and quality. If they end up being too dull I may have to start the piece again in another type of colored pencil, or, I may need to layer some other types of colored pencils on top. We’ll see.

My only other comment for today is that I will need to do some cleaning up of the profile of the lid. Adding a small bit of color to the edges, I have changed the shape of the lid slightly out of “true.” Eventually, this will need to be corrected with a needle-sharp colored pencil to bring the lid back into the correct shape.  

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